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Welcome to the TTC/MOT Administrator's Website


To Register for an MOT Course go to the Program Resources tab. Registration is done directly with the Provider.

TECHNICIAN/STUDENT LOGIN: Results and Certificates

STEP 1: Sign-Up  (READ steps before clicking the Sign Up link)

  1. Navigate to the Sign Up page.
  2. Enter your Email, First Name, Last Name (Per MOT records)
  3. Create a Username and Password
    • Passwords must be minimum 8 characters
  4. By Signing Up, you will have access to your MOT information, results and certifications only. This is not to register for MOT Courses.

STEP 2: Login (After Creating Account)

  1. Navigate to Student Portal (Top-Gray Area)
  2. For a step-by-step video tutorial on using the student portal, please click here: Student's Portal Video


  1. Navigate to Provider Portal Log in page.
  2. Enter your Email on file and the password provided by the Administrator.
  3. For a step-by-step video tutorial on using the provider portal, please click here: Provider's Portal Video

Contact us at if you have any problems. Please include your full name, TIN#, and email on the request.

TTC Training Program Administrator

Alfka, LLC
Cindy Rullan-MOT Training Program Administrator
400 N. Tampa Street
Suite 1440
Tampa, FL 33602

Tel: 813.419.1730
Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM (M-F)

TTC/MOT HANDBOOK Requirements and Processes TTC Training Handbook

(Program Resources Tab- Top Gray Bar)- All certified technicians are listed here. Search by First AND Last Name, Certificate#, and TIN#.

PDH Credits:
MOT Administrator does not issue PDH credit. PDH, if offered, will be provided by the company that did the training. Please contact your training provider directly to request a PDH certificate. 

It is the responsibility of the technician/student to provide their employer with a copy of their certificate.

Upcoming Expirations and Expired certifications offer no grace period. Technicians must take the entire course and exam if their certification has lapsed.

PUBLIC RECORDS: For information and inquiries please contact FDOT Customer Service Portal at the following link: Customer Service Portal (